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Our Values
Sustainable Energy

Environmental, Social, and Governance


We strive to align our whole business with a less than 1.5°C warming scenario. This includes not only reducing and offsetting the emissions generated by our own operations and supply chain but also educating and empowering our people to do the same and supporting our clients in developing and implementing their own net zero strategies.  We encourage a policy of remote working with our teams and with client engagements.


Remote Working
Our business is founded on the principal that we should all strive to achieve a balance between work and personal life  We are committed to our staff and members in pursuit of this goal and we believe in maximising their potential by extending our focus beyond our four walls and applying it to the communities around us.


Government Building
Our management team is supported by an Executive Advisor board.  This team has extensive industry and consulting expertise with ex-Partners of both PWC and Deloitte forming our advisory team.   
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