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Consultants Partners intending to build their a consultancy using the Nicer Brand to accelerate growth and market positioning


All features included in paid memberships

Access our Expert Panel to give immediate insight to support your business decisions.  Find consultants and contractors for IT or business initiatives. Build your peer-peer private network.

Access our whole member base and Nicer's radically different approach to recruiting.  Developing your culture to attract the highest quality resources, faster and lower cost than traditional recruitment methods.


Recruit 1-5

Organisations looking to recruit within the Financial Services sector.  Membership designed for smaller organisations or low demand for up to 5 people per annum.  




Recruit 6-10

As Bronze but designed for organisations with increased demand for up to 6-10 people per annum due to higher growth or churn rates. 


Organisation looking to pro-actively promote their business during the year.


Recruit 10-20

As Silver designed for organisations with increased demand for up to 10-20 people per annum due to high growth or churn rates.


Desire to run many corporate events and reach out to prospective candidates.


Unlimited Recruiting 

Zero Commission Rates Transform your approach to managing your staff and switch wasteful transactional recruitment costs into investing in your culture and people. 

Half Recruitment Costs

Drive Down Churn

Increase Quality of Staff

Increase Productivity

Maximise Growth

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Overview of Corporate Membership Benefits*

Access Nicer Expert Panel & Consultants

Expert Panel

Consultants & Contractors

Nicer have over 20,000 Senior Executive Connections in Financial Services

Access our Database of vetted Business and IT Resources 

Get Access to New Clients

Gains access to valuable clients via personal introductions

Business Development Plan 

Our Consulting Partners will work with you to develop your sales and marketing plans

Access case studies and pre-sales templates 

Access Nicer Pre-Sales Material

Nicer Partners have extensive consultancy sales expertise to help you

Utilise Nicer Selling Partners

Build a Valuable Network

Networking based on real relationships

Gain access to Decision Makers

Connect with Valuable Members

Publish content and events

Form "Private" Interest Groups 

Develop trusted and valuable relationships not just a list of contacts

Directly access buyers of consultancy and partner with other consultants

Identify peers with similar interests and build private network groups 

Publish your and others' documents , invite selected members to private events

Invite members and potential clients to private interest groups 

Build Project Teams

Build dynamic teams of select consultants to meet a clients' need

Earn Income - Realise your True Value

Value in Your Data

Income from Expert Advisory Services

Income from Publishing your Content

Income from Coaching & Training

Sell New Services via Nicer

We reward you for your data and only share information based on ethical permissions

Consultants can earn additional advisory income based upon their unique expertise

Publish your content on Nicer channels to earn income 

Earn income from coaching, training and running seminars

Sell and promote new services via Nicer Networks


On Boarding Call

Email, chat and 1-2-1 support calls are available based on member package

On-Boarding to ensure members gain the maximum benefit from joining Nicer 

* Member benefits depend on type of membership selected

Memberships designed for you and your needs

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